Great Covers – TEEN TITANS #26

I'm going to keep posting these as I come across covers in my travels that strike me as qualifying for the distinction. This Nick Cardy TEEN TITANS cover is simultaneously of its time and excellent, a prime example of why Cardy became DC's main super hero cover artist in the early 1970s. That hot purple … Continue reading Great Covers – TEEN TITANS #26


Summer was drawing nearer, and so this issue of DC SUPER-STARS arrived at the 7-11, touted as a summer spectacular. I can’t say that I was the biggest Aquaman fan–I knew him, of course, from Super-Friends and his appearances in JUSTICE LEAGUE OF AMERICA. But none of those appearances had really driven me to seek … Continue reading BHOC: DC SUPER-STARS #7


Another month brought another subscription copy of JUSTICE LEAGUE OF AMERICA to my mailbox. I know I keep harping on this point, but boy that’s a weird-looking Ernie Chua/Chan cover. Neither Green Arrow nor Aquaman have legs, and the scratchboard technique on the background is a bit overpowering. Ernie was the regular cover artist for … Continue reading BHOC: JUSTICE LEAGUE OF AMERICA #130


Another issue of SUPERMAN, and another cover with some crude and chunky inking on it. For the next couple of years, this would be the look of DC covers, a transition from the clean compositions of Carmine Infantino and the expert draftsmanship of Nick Cardy. This was a sort of average issue of SUPERMAN, not … Continue reading BHOC: SUPERMAN #290


Another Treasury Edition brought home by my father, and proof positive that we were in the closing months of 1974. I would have been reading comics for a year and a half at this point. These Christmas Specials used to be a regular thing, attractive even to more casual purchasers as something that could be … Continue reading BHOC: LIMITED COLLECTORS’ EDITION #C-34