Brand Echh – Sick #120 – Ego-Man

It seems as though–for good reason or bad–people got a kick out of seeing the Ego-Man story parodying Stan Lee from SICK magazine last week. And so, since there were a number of these done, I thought I would show you another one. In this case, the inaugural installment, from SICK Magazine #120.

The Grand Comic Database hasn’t indexed the contents for this issue, but the story was written by Arnold Drake and the artwork was likely done by Jack Sparling, who was then the editor of the publication. Both men had their issues with Stan Lee, especially the Stan Lee who was starting to appear on television talk shows and the like. Like the other installment, this is a pretty mean piece of work, and one has to wonder just who the intended audience for it was.

I can’t quite puzzle out why they depicted Ego-Man as having six arms–it’s such a weird choice, and one that they stick with throughout the run of the strip. I’m guessing tat it’s a Spider-Man reference, but if so, it’s a bit bizarre. What was Drake getting at here?

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