Brand Echh – Sick #124 – The Death of Ego-Man

It's been a little while, but who could ever forget our old friend Ego-Man, the ridiculously inside baseball strip parodying Stan Lee in the pages of SICK Magazine in the late 1970s. Exactly who these stories were meant for (apart from creators Arnold Drake and Jack Sparling) is anybody's guess, but they didn't run for … Continue reading Brand Echh – Sick #124 – The Death of Ego-Man

Brand Echh – Sick #120 – Ego-Man

It seems as though--for good reason or bad--people got a kick out of seeing the Ego-Man story parodying Stan Lee from SICK magazine last week. And so, since there were a number of these done, I thought I would show you another one. In this case, the inaugural installment, from SICK Magazine #120. The Grand … Continue reading Brand Echh – Sick #120 – Ego-Man

Brand Echh – Sick #123 – Ego-Man

In 1978, presumably because Stan Lee had begun to break through into the mainstream with his comic book huckster routine, writer Arnold Drake created the running character Ego-Man in the pages of SICK magazine, then published by Charlton. It was anything but a loving parody of the field and those in it, in particular Stan, … Continue reading Brand Echh – Sick #123 – Ego-Man


This next comic book I know was bought for my brother Ken, as there is no way I would have purchased a comic book based on a television comedy–that’s simply not what I was reading comic books for. But WELCOME BACK KOTTER was a hot show at the time, one that my family watched often … Continue reading BHOC: WELCOME BACK, KOTTER #1