Great Covers – ALL STAR COMICS #3

It doesn’t get any more classic than this–E.E. Hibbard’s cover illustrating the first meeting of the Justice Society of America in ALL-STAR COMICS #3. Granted, it’s just a shot of a bunch of super heroes sitting around a table, looking like a club photo in a high school yearbook. But this was the very first … Continue reading Great Covers – ALL STAR COMICS #3

Great Covers – THE CREEPER #1

A super-cool kickoff cover to THE CREEPER #1 by ace artist Steve Ditko. Great, moody coloring on this one that really pops the yellows and reds of the Creeper’s costume. What’s interesting about this piece to me is that, were you unfamiliar with the character, you would be justified in thinking that the criminal was … Continue reading Great Covers – THE CREEPER #1


My father never showed any particular interest in religion, but my Mom came from a family that had strong Catholic traditions, and so she still went to church every Sunday, dragging me and my younger brother along with her. This would eventually lead to years of “Church class”, where our young minds would be indoctrinated … Continue reading BHOC: WORLD’S FINEST COMICS #219


I have no idea why I would have bought this comic book. I would have guessed that it came in one of those 3-to-a-bag packs that were prevalent in this era, but there are no other comics that I read of the same exact vintage, so that seems to let that explanation out. It’s possible … Continue reading BHOC: LOIS LANE #133