I read my first EC Comic in the late 70s, after hearing good things about the line in places like THE COMIC-BOOK BOOK. I ended up mail-ordering a set of 8 reprints from SUPERHERO MERCHANDISE–the outfit that would eventually become HEROES WORLD, and who sent me copies of their catalog something like every three seconds. These recreations, published some years earlier, were Russ Cochran’s first attempt at getting the EC books back into print.

They were pretty strong, pretty compelling comic books. I can remember reading them while sprawled across the couch, thinking that they were somehow more adult and more forbidden than the usual fare I’d been digesting. This issue of SHOCK SUSPENSTORIES in particular includes a tale of the horrors of drug addiction, as well as a Wally Wood-illustrated twist-ending story that inspired a similar sequence in Moore and Gibbons’ WATCHMEN.

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