As I think I've spoken about in the past, I came from a family of readers. Both my father and my mother would read books regularly, and it was this love of reading that helped make it acceptable and unquestioned that I had an interest in comic books--they understood that reading was reading. And so … Continue reading BHOC: THE COMIC-BOOK BOOK


This is probably the most infamous EC cover ever produced, and it led indirectly to the end of the line. This Johnny Craig CRIME SUSPENSTORIES cover was brought out as evidence during publisher Bill Gaines’ testimony before the Senate Committee investigating the link between comic books and juvenile delinquency in the 1950s. When asked if … Continue reading Great Covers – CRIME SUSPENSTORIES #22

Superhero Merchandise

Before the wide spread availability of comic book retail stores, access to comic book merchandise was very hit-or-miss. While most big stores stocked some things, not every single thing that you might want was readily accessible. Beyond that, you might not even be aware that certain things existed. One operation that closed that gap was … Continue reading Superhero Merchandise

Great Covers – FRONTLINE COMBAT #7

War comics often tended to have the best covers, but even among that field, this cover to FRONTLINE COMBAT #7 by Harvey Kurtzman is a stand-out. Far from the stark realism that most war covers strive for, Kurtzman’s trademark impressionistic style rather conveys the emotional weight of the moment. He’s drawing not so much what … Continue reading Great Covers – FRONTLINE COMBAT #7