Having become a fan of the Fantastic Four, I was hot to read the first FF story–FANTASTIC FOUR #1. My quest to do so had already met one dead end, in that I couldn’t locate a copy of ORIGINS OF MARVEL COMICS anywhere. Instead, I turned to this item, the Power Records Fantastic Four book and record set.

At the time, Power Records had a whole small line of these things, both Marvel and DC. They were sold in department stores and toy stores mainly–I think I bought the FF one in a Kay Bee Toy Store. What you got was a complete 20-page story–with about 50% of the original dialogue omitted or simplified, due to time constraints–and a 45 RPM record featuring a dramatization. All of the records used the same performers, so Reed Richards was also Captain America elsewhere, and so forth. 

It turned out this wasn’t a reprint of FF #1 at all, but rather FANTASTIC FOUR #126, which featured a retelling/updating of the original story by Roy Thomas and John Buscema. It was still entertaining (though it ends on something of a cliffhanger–it would take a few years for me to track down FF #127 and learn what happened next.) And, to this day, the voice I hear in my head when I read the Thing’s dialogue comes from this record.

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