DC Special #29 – September, 1977

The “DC Secret Origin Summer of 1977” continued with this entry, revealing the untold origin of the Justice Society of America after 37 years. It’s just as good a story as its bookend, JUSTICE LEAGUE OF AMERICA #144.

Writer Paul Levitz turned in what is arguably the best story he ever wrote, recounting how ten heroes of the era joined forces to thwart Hitler’s plan to invade England, and were forged into the world’s first super hero team in the process. There are more gasp-out-loud moments of heroism and tension in these 34 pages than are often seen in a year’s worth of books. Joe Staton and Bob Layton’s expressive artwork evoked the flavor of the period without becoming mired in the storytelling shortcomings of the era. Their work is powerful and breathtaking.

It was truly a tale worthy of the Justice Society. Stories such as this one helped fuel my interest in the characters and comics of the Golden Age.

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