August, 1977

ALL-STAR COMICS #67 is a pretty mediocre offering, but it has the distinction of being the first comic book I was able to go and buy at the local 7-11 all by myself. Up until the summer of 1977, I was only permitted as far as the supermarket across the street–which was torturous, given that only a two-lane highway separated me from my beloved new comics (and from being able to prevent myself from missing an issue, should I not be able to wrangle a ride across the divide during the course of a given month.)

Naturally, I tended to sneak over to the 7-11 anyway (Sorry, Ma.), but I was paranoid enough that I never dared buy any comics on one of those covert crossings, for fear that my parents would see them and wonder where they’d come from. But I was a big enough JSA fan by the summer of 1977 that, when I saw that ALL-STAR #67 had come out, I staged an overwrought drama with a childhood friend (whom I prompted to say that he’d seen the very issue I needed at the 7-11 when he’d been there earlier that day), and convinced my Mother to extend my boundaries far enough so that I could get the book myself.

And after all that, it wasn’t that great of a story.

2014 Note: As a parent today, I cannot conceive of allowing my kids when they were ten years old to venture as far from home and across highways such as this one as I was permitted to do at their age.

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