December, 1973

Having embraced the character of the Flash based on the 100-Page Super-Spectacular I had read, I eagerly went searching for more. And the first regular issue I found was this one, #224. FLASH quickly became the favorite comic and favorite character of my early comics-reading career–by #230, I had a subscription that kept up for several years thereafter.

The 70s is considered something of a down period in terms of quality if you ask the history books, but I didn’t find it so. In the case of FLASH, I came to quickly appreciate the tight, witty writing of Cary Bates (who was probably the first comic creator I knew, based on his actual appearance in FLASH #228.) And Irv Novick’s rendition of the Scarlet Speedster remains seminal in my mind, second only to Carmine Infantino’s. 

In addition to being good, this team was also consistent–Cary and Irv continued on the series together through #270, when both Julie Schwartz and Irv departed. But Cary remained on the book through its demise with #350–a staggering run in this day and age. What this meant was that I knew exactly what I was getting when I picked up an issue of FLASH, a sense of security that today’s comics largely just don’t give their readership.

This book also introduced me to my second-favorite DC super hero, Green Lantern.

2014 NOTE: I today own the original printer’s proof to this cover.

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