February, 1974

What’s better than one super hero? A whole swarm of ‘em! That’s what JLA promised, and that’s what it delivered. After reading this issue, my first, JLA instantly became my second-favorite title, and the only other book to which I had a subscription (starting with #121.) 

JLA was experiencing something of a renaissance at the time, largely due to the writing of Len Wein. After several directionless years, Wein went back to square one, crafting a series of entertaining stories in the original Gardner Fox tradition–this one featuring the return of 60s hero/villain Eclipso, who had been split into three parts (thus forcing the JLA to split into three teams to combat him, before reuniting by book’s end.) The artwork was handled by the underrated Dick Dillin, who died years ago with a page of JLA still on his table, after completing issues #64-183. 

The JLAer who quits, by the way, is Hawkman, whose mission to study Earth’s criminology techniques for his home planet of Thanagar (which was his reason for coming to Earth in the first place) had been completed, and who’d been summoned back to his homeworld for new assignments. 

2014 NOTE: I today own the original printer’s proof to this cover.


  1. Funny parallel that in Avengers # 109, Hawkeye announced on the cover that he was quitting that team. At the time, although I didn’t know it when I read it new off the racks, as either Hawkeye or Goliath II, Clint Barton had been with the team continuously longer than any other character, since joining in issue #16. And his main reason for leaving was jealousy over Wanda’s rejecting his advances, having herself fallen in love with the Vision. Clint didn’t exactly describe that as his reason, but given the context of his characterization over the previous year, that was what pushed him to decide he needed to get away from the team for an extended period.


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