I've spoken in the past about how as a kid I was a bit disdainful towards DC's SUPER FRIENDS comic book series, an adaptation and outgrowth of the ongoing Saturday morning cartoon series. Now, mind you, I watched SUPER FRIENDS dutifully every weekend, but I was also aware even then that the story material was … Continue reading BHOC: SUPER FRIENDS #12


On Saturday mornings, SUPER FRIENDS had started producing new episodes for the first time in several years. The original 1973 run had produced 16 hour-long episodes, and were an outgrowth of a pilot program developed, in all places, in episodes of the BRADY KIDS animated series. After new more stringent legislation had been passed ostensibly … Continue reading BHOC: SUPER FRIENDS #9


The new series of SUPER-FRIENDS hadn’t premiered yet–the show had been in constant reruns since it debuted in the fall of 1973. But over at DC, they knew what was happening, and writer E. Nelson Bridwell took the opportunity to introduce the new characters who’d be featured in the show ahead of time in a … Continue reading BHOC: SUPER-FRIENDS #7


I’m not 100% certain whether it was me or my brother Ken who bought this issue of SUPER-FRIENDS, but I ultimately ended up with it. And I really liked it–so much so that i ripped off its central villain for one of the amateur comics that I was creating at around this time. It’s a … Continue reading BHOC: SUPER-FRIENDS #3


The cartoon had been airing on Saturday mornings for about three years at this point, constantly rerunning the same 16 episodes again and again, but in 1976 DC finally got around to doing a comic book tie-in. And because of the characters it featured, I bought the first issue. I was a regular viewer of … Continue reading BHOC: SUPER-FRIENDS #1


This was another Treasury Edition that I loved. I can recall intending to duplicate Dick Giordano’s cover as an art entry in a Block party art contest that summer–it would also be used as the basis for a key frame in the opening credits to CHALLENGE OF THE SUPER-FRIENDS. More interesting to me, the back … Continue reading BHOC: LIMITED COLLECTOR’S EDITION #C-46


I had just begun third grade when I bought this SUPER-FRIENDS treasury edition. And it represented a bit of a leap on my part. As much as I watched it every Saturday morning, I felt that Super-Friends was more kiddie than the regular comics I’d been reading, and thus somehow beneath my level as a … Continue reading BHOC: LIMITED COLLECTORS’ EDITION #C-41


I don’t have a clear memory as to where this issue of SECRET ORIGINS came from. I don’t think I bought it myself, but I don’t clearly recall it being given to me either. Which is not surprising, as i think I traded it away before too long, so it doesn’t loom large in my … Continue reading BHOC: SECRET ORIGINS #7