It was time for another issue of SECRET SOCIETY OF SUPER-VILLAINS to drop, and as the title was a favorite of mine, I was of course there to receive it. This issue represents the movement into the final phase of the book's existence, although I could not have known that at the time. That cover … Continue reading BHOC: SECRET SOCIETY OF SUPER-VILLAINS #12


The third and final part of the saga of FLASH’s search for his missing wife showed up in my mailbox, folded right down the middle in the manner that subscription copies were sent in those days. It was a good issue, though a hair disappointing in that this concluding chapter didn’t take up the entire … Continue reading BHOC: FLASH #237


The mailman brought me another folded-in-half issue of THE FLASH, which was always a fun and unexpected surprise, as I wasn’t yet conscious of how often a new issue would be appearing (and this was with most DC books listing the approximate publication date of the next issue on their final page.) Despite featuring the … Continue reading BHOC: FLASH #233


I can remember the rush of adrenaline when I came across it. We were in a Waldbaum’s grocery store, not the one we typically went to, and they carried a small selection of DC’s 3-bag “Super-Pac” comics. The books in those bags were always several months old (to avoid competing with day-and-date distributors, I would think). … Continue reading BHOC: FLASH #225