(Not So) Great Covers: FOREVER PEOPLE #3 and MISTER MIRACLE #3

It must be said that Jack Kirby's time at DC in the early 1970s was not without its difficulties. There are all sorts of theories for this, ranging from editorial fear to jealousy to a simple dislike for the King's work among portions of the staff. What he was doing definitely didn't fit in smoothly … Continue reading (Not So) Great Covers: FOREVER PEOPLE #3 and MISTER MIRACLE #3

5BC: Five Mean Caricatures of Comic Book Creators

Comic books for years were considered a juvenile medium, and that sensibility often extended to the behavior of the practitioners in the field. Like those who work in any other industries, not all comic book creators get along, and on occasion some of them have felt the need to take their aggression out in public, … Continue reading 5BC: Five Mean Caricatures of Comic Book Creators


I'm pretty sure that this issue of MISTER MIRACLE was bought for my brother Ken while on a trip to our grandparents' house one weekend. It was another small exposure for me of the Jack Kirby Fourth World mythos. But for all that it's a pretty great comic by a top-flight creative team, it did … Continue reading BHOC: MISTER MIRACLE #23


For a while here, I became a regular reader of BRAVE AND THE BOLD--and I'm not entirely sure just quite why. B&B still felt "off" to my sensibilities--writer Bob Haney's take on most of the title's guest-stars didn't jibe with what I knew of them in their appearances elsewhere. He also had an odd take … Continue reading BHOC: BRAVE AND THE BOLD #138

Great Covers – MISTER MIRACLE #3

When Jack Kirby went over to DC in the early 1970s, he wasn’t a great fit in terms of the office’s aesthetic, and they often had no idea what to do with him or his work. Take this MISTER MIRACLE cover, for example. For some reason, they decided not to color the central figure, but … Continue reading Great Covers – MISTER MIRACLE #3