The First Hulk Parody

By 1966, there was no way for industry leader DC/National Comics to be unaware of the growing appeal of upstart publisher Marvel--especially given that both companies' output was distributed by an outfit owned by National's owners. Marvel's growth was often scoffed at and decried as a passing fad, but as the firm started making inroads … Continue reading The First Hulk Parody

Great Covers; G.I. COMBAT #69

The DC war titles often used monochromatic covers for effect in the late 1950s and early 1960s and this Jerry Grandinetti image for G.I. COMBAT is a good example of why. Not only does it convey the mood of the moment in a gripping and visceral way, but the whites of the gunner's eyes stand … Continue reading Great Covers; G.I. COMBAT #69

Lee & Kirby & Everett & Grandinetti & Friends – The Messy Story of Tales to Astonish #84

Even with the limited output allowed to them under the terms of their distribution deal with Independent News (which only permitted the Marvel of the 1960s to release a certain number of titles every month), Marvel often ran into situations where the talent they had on hand in order to complete everything wasn't enough. During … Continue reading Lee & Kirby & Everett & Grandinetti & Friends – The Messy Story of Tales to Astonish #84

Great Covers – G.I. COMBAT #54

It's the word balloon that really puts this one over the top, that and the strong primary red background. And that logo pops like crazy. Artwork by Jerry Grandinetti. A great cover that tells an entire story in a single image, and is cool as hell. You can understand why DC sold so many war … Continue reading Great Covers – G.I. COMBAT #54