While my subscription to FLASH had run its course, I still had a few issues of JUSTICE LEAGUE OF AMERICA coming to me. And so this one arrived in my mailbox one day, having made the slight transition to the DC Explosion format. Which is to say, it came down in price by a dime … Continue reading BHOC: JUSTICE LEAGUE OF AMERICA #158


Whoever was responsible for selecting which old Charlton comics would be reissued in the 3-Bags put out under the Modern Comics imprint made some baffling selections. Take JUDOMASTER for example. Modern reissues four issues of the series: #93, #94, #96 and #98. Why not consecutive issues? Who knows? It may have been that these were … Continue reading BHOC: JUDOMASTER #96


This issue of JUDOMASTER was another of the books from the Charlton back catalog that Modern Comics reissued in the 1970s and sold three-to-a-bag through a network of discount department stores, supermarkets and the like. And it was another title that came into my possession during this time. I wasn't quite as crazy about Judomaster … Continue reading BHOC: JUDOMASTER #94


Another book from the 3-bags of Modern Comics Charlton reprints that I picked up at Two Guys. JUDOMASTER was something of an odd character conception, even by comic book standards. It concerned an American serviceman during World War II who had been taught the fighting skills of judo and who wore a costume emblazoned with … Continue reading BHOC: JUDOMASTER #98


I had missed the first issue of the TEEN TITANS revival, and I skipped the second (though i recall seeing it on the stands at the time–there must have been other books that I wanted more) but with this issue I finally took the plunge. Kid Flash’s prominent placement probably didn’t hurt. It must be … Continue reading BHOC: TEEN TITANS #46


Another book that came from that post-Church candy store. And look as that ominous call-out at the upper right: Still Only 20 Cents. I hadn’t ever experienced a price increase before, so I had no idea what this signaled–but I would find out very soon. It’s a pretty terrific overwrought Nick Cardy cover, though. But … Continue reading BHOC: FLASH #227


I owned two separate copies of this issue of FLASH, one of which was initially bought for my younger brother Ken. And it’s a good thing, too, because at some point soon after getting this issue, my father got angry with me for some infraction that I’d made and threw out all of my comic … Continue reading BHOC: FLASH #226