More Fun With Color Separations

Creator Bill Morrison posted a set of images from the 3M color separation proofs for the cover to this 1951 issue of MILLIE THE MODEL, and so I thought they were worth showing off here. It's relatively rare that proofs of this sort from that era turn up, and the relative simplicity of cover artist … Continue reading More Fun With Color Separations


I ordered a copy of this MARVEL TREASURY EDITION featuring the Fantastic Four from the Superhero Merchandise catalog--or as the firm would later be known, Heroes World. They had bought out Marvel and DC's back-stock of their various Treasury Editions and would sell them for years thereafter, often advertising in the comics themselves. I eventually … Continue reading BHOC: MARVEL TREASURY EDITION #2

The Greatest Betty and Veronica Story Ever Told!

This unassuming issue of BETTY AND VERONICA from 1962 contains within its pages the greatest Betty and Veronica story ever produced! You literally do not need to read a single additional story after this one--it sums up the extremes of the relationships perfectly. A true lost classic! The Grand Comics Database credits this story to … Continue reading The Greatest Betty and Veronica Story Ever Told!