I picked up this issue of ADVENTURE COMICS primarily for the Manhunter from Mars back-up story, although the fact that Aquaman was battling the Justice League’s first foe, Starro was also a draw. But while the Sea King’s adventures were typically well-drawn, they usually struck me as being dry–it was difficult to connect with his … Continue reading BHOC: ADVENTURE COMICS #451


Now, I know that I picked up this issue of ADVENTURE COMICS because of the appearance of the Flash’s foe the Weather Wizard. Which is perhaps the only time in history that sentiment has ever been uttered. I was familiar with Aquaman, of course, from other comics I had read and from the SUPER-FRIENDS and … Continue reading BHOC : ADVENTURE COMICS #450


Summer was drawing nearer, and so this issue of DC SUPER-STARS arrived at the 7-11, touted as a summer spectacular. I can’t say that I was the biggest Aquaman fan–I knew him, of course, from Super-Friends and his appearances in JUSTICE LEAGUE OF AMERICA. But none of those appearances had really driven me to seek … Continue reading BHOC: DC SUPER-STARS #7


WORLD’S FINEST wasn’t anything like a regular buy for me, the earliest issues of the title that I had read were somewhat odd and discordant to me–the stylistic difference between my preferred editor Julie Schwartz, and the approach favored by WF editor Murray Boltinoff. But the appearance of the Flash on this cover was enough … Continue reading BHOC: WORLD’S FINEST COMICS #231


Once again, I have no particular memory of buying this issue of WONDER WOMAN. but I still have it, so I must have done so. It’s another installment in the “Wonder Woman’s Twelve Labors” cycle of stories wherein Wonder Woman needed to prove herself to her compatriots so as to regain her place in the Justice … Continue reading BHOC: WONDER WOMAN #215


I don’t have a clear memory as to where this issue of SECRET ORIGINS came from. I don’t think I bought it myself, but I don’t clearly recall it being given to me either. Which is not surprising, as i think I traded it away before too long, so it doesn’t loom large in my … Continue reading BHOC: SECRET ORIGINS #7

Great Covers – AQUAMAN #42

A great Nick Cardy AQUAMAN cover, from a sketch by Carmine Infantino. This was during a period when DC was getting bold and aggressive with its covers, and one of the innovations that Infantino played with was to integrate the series logo into the image in the style of Will Eisner. It’s a great triangular … Continue reading Great Covers – AQUAMAN #42