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Another post from my old Marvel blog in which I answer questions put to me by the readers.

Reader Questions 10

September 28, 2009 | 1:00 AM | By Tom_Brevoort | In General

Time to wrap up the last of our Reader Questions, and move on to something else in the days to come.

>Any chance of a Silver Surfer on-going with Ron Lim as penciler? >

There’s always a chance, but I’m honestly not sure that’s the way to go. It’s less of an issue with artists, I think, but as a general rule, when creators come back to try to recapture their glory days on a particular title, they most often wind up failing to live up to their own legend, and not only is the current run not beloved, but the earlier work can also be tainted somewhat by association. This tends to plague writers more than artists, but it can happen to them as well. So I’m not saying that we’d never turn to Ron to do such a series, but given that he drew SURFER for somewhere in the neighborhood of 60 issues, I’m not sure how much more there is to be said-or that a different penciler might not bring something new and vibrant to the character, just as Ron did in the early ’90s.

>What’s Adam Kubert’s next project?

Posted by plord4ever on 2009-08-29 07:36:25>

Adam is presently working on DARK REIGN: THE LIST: AMAZING SPIDER-MAN with Dan Slott. As you’d expect, the pages are masterful. Adam’s a real virtuoso of the art form.

>As a long time fan and keeping in touch with various forms of information such as your blog, I feel that I have quite a good understanding of how this business goes. One thing that is a bit baffling to me though, and that I kinda fail to understand is… Where do artists/creators diseappear to ? For instance, out of the top of my head over the last 15 years i can think of Stephen Platt, Trevor Hairsine, Scott Lobdell, Jean Paul Léon, Chap Yaep, Rafael Kayanan, Christopher Priest, Duncan Rouleau, Scott Clark, Igor Kordey, Ron Lim…

All those guys made some kind of impact but have since then vanished without fanfare.

Why would that be? Are comics a bad paying job? Do they all move on to ad agencys, illustration for big companies/video games? Or do they get “burned” in the industry because of frictions with editorial/companies ? >

I don’t think there’s any one answer to this question, Baxtos. Being a comic book artist can be a grueling job. You’re shut away in a studio, most often by yourself, for hours every day, constantly drawing, drawing, drawing to make the deadline. It’s not for everyone. And given the level of talent in Marvel’s bullpen, our guys are always being called upon to work in animation, or on storyboards, or concept design for video games, or advertising, or any of a multitude of other assignments. The same thing goes for our writers, who’ll get offers to write screenplays and prose and video games and advertising copy and so forth. Also, many of the folks you listed above are still in the field, just working at other companies at the moment.

> And speaking of vanishing artists, is Olivier Coipel still Thor’s official artist? (Please say Yes the guy is mad talented!!!)

Posted by baxtos on 2009-08-29 16:31:07>

No, Olivier’s working on another huge project that you’ll hear more about shortly. Marko Djurdjevic is the present artist on THOR, with Billy Tan waiting in the winds.

>Mr. Brevoort, I was just wondering if the Knaufs have any upcoming work at Marvel, as I was a big fan of both their Iron Man and Eternals series.

Posted by WailingFungus on 2009-08-29 16:47:07>

No, not that I’m aware of right this moment.

>I actually think no one should be allowed to veto.

Just because someone doesn’t like a particular character they can veto that question while the rest of us would like to hear it answered? Doesn’t seem right.

Tom should simply decide which questions he wants to or is allowed to answer.

This is the interent, you know how people get all vindictive and what not. You can’t trust us with any kind of power. 😉

Posted by Avengersrule on 2009-08-29 17:50:02>

And yet, I do trust “the wisdom of crowds” in this case. The Veto does precisely what I want it to do, it keeps the kooks and the cranks and the guys with a one-track agenda from hijacking these Q & A sessions and turning them into something ugly. Most of the regular readership here is well-behaved and well-reasoned, so I can count on you guys to kibosh the sorts of questions that everybody’s sick of hearing about. And sure, that means that sometimes legitimate questions get caught in that same crossfire-but those are the rules of the game.

> When can we expect to see those back-up stories that have been talked about in Bendis’s Avengers books? >

Early in 2010.

> There’s been a lot of speculation on the interwebs that Dark Avengers is nothing more than a glorified limited series that won’t last beyond DR so are there plans for this book beyond DR?

Posted by classicgmer on 2009-08-30 14:44:25>

I’m not sure what’s wrong with being a “glorified limited series”, or even what that means necessarily. Already, DARK AVENGERS has lasted more issues than certain titles we launched as ongoings, so even if it was to come to an end at some point, how is that a deficit? Doesn’t matter either way, as not only is DARK AVENGERS one of our best-selling titles, but it’s going to last beyond the end of DARK REIGN and keep going right into 2010.

>How extensive is your personal comic collection?

Posted by Arachkid on 2009-08-31 13:08:24>

Pretty extensive. I’ll try to shoot some video for you and get it posted within the next couple of days.

All right, let normal service resume. More later.

Tom B

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