A few more excerpts from THE ART OF JOHN BYRNE, Volume One as published by Sal Quartuccio under his SQ Productions imprint.

Byrne wouldn’t begin working on Superman for six more years, and was thought of as a real true blue Marvel artist at the time, so this piece from the inside front cover was tantalizing.

Longtime John Byrne fan and occasional collaborator and editor Roger Stern contributed the opening foreword.

Inker Terry Austin likewise gave a testimonial to the man.

There was also an extensive sketchbook section.

These mainly just seem to be warm-up sketches that Byrne had done and had lying around his studio. They cover a wide variety of subjects.

Byrne had clearly been thinking about Superman in this period, perhaps inspired by the movies. There are an inordinate number of Superman-related pieces in its pages, especially when you consider that Byrne had yet to work on the character. Clearly, he had a hankering to.

This centerspread color piece was done new for the book.

It’s not unlikely that we’ll look at more from this publication in the future.

3 thoughts on “THE ART OF JOHN BYRNE, Part Two

  1. Byrne was one of the best comics artists to emerge in the mid ’70s and I’d rate his & Claremont’s run on X-Men was among the best ever.


  2. Boy, that Reed Richards sketch is beautiful.

    Until the day he passes, I’ll still hope against hope that someday, he’ll do something again for Marvel. I know it’s incredibly unlikely.


  3. Page 29 – the bottom middle character headshot i believe was to be the real face of the Red Skull in the next storyline of the stern/Byrne Cap run (which never saw print).


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