Here’s a final look at the AMAZING HEROES Preview Special for 1984, showcasing the series and storylines that were going to be making their way to a comic shop near you in the coming months.

Most of these plans for the JC incarnation of T.H.U.N.D.E.R. Agents failed to materialize.

VOID INDIGO did see print, but it ran into controversy almost immediately and was discontinued midstream.

I find it kind of funny that they couldn’t get any information out of Marvel editor Ralph Macchio on any of the titles he was editing, and so had to vamp for all of those entries.

This WONDER MAN limited series never happened, though I believe that the material created for it was eventually condensed down into an oversized one-shot. And the Steve Gerber-helmed WONDER WOMAN series talked about here never came to be either.

A bunch of the projects and storylines talked about in this X-MEN write-up either never happened or came about years and years later. TRUE FRIENDS eventually saw print as a limited series a decade-plus later, while the Doctor D. story never happened at all. Neither did the Chris Claremont-led NIGHTCRAWLER limited series. I believe this particular ZATANNA limited series never came out as well. The same is true of ZERO MAN, which never happened at all.

4 thoughts on “AMAZING HEROES #39 1984 PREVIEW SPECIAL, T-Z

  1. What a fun time to have been reading comics. Thriller! Simonson’s Thor! Zot!

    Did anything from Epic ever really take off? The titles listed here seem like they would be fun, but apart from Groo I don’t think I ever stuck around on an Epic title for long.


    1. ‘Alien Legion’ I enjoyed but the series’ original (and best) artist didn’t stay on it long enough and neither did his replacement.

      ‘The Transmutation of Ike Garuda’ was only a two-parter and ‘Seven Block’ just a one-shot, but they made for 3 very impressive issues.


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