Wrapping up our coverage of the first issue of DC’s in-house comic book fanzine, THE AMAZING WORLD OF DC COMICS. The series ran for 17 issues, as well as a few special releases both immediately before and during its run. It remains a treasure trove of information and artifacts about the National Periodical Publications of the early 1970s.

Each issue of THE AMAZING WORLD OF DC COMICS printed at least one spiked story from DC’s inventory, tales that had been killed for one reason or another. This first issue publishes this tale by Jack Kirby originally intended for the second issue of the abortive black and white magazine IN THE DAYS OF THE MOB. The grey tones seem to have been applied for this printing and are, charitably, oppressive.

Future DC President Paul Levitz inaugurated a series of articles in which the production of a comic magazine was illuminated step by step. In this first installment, Levitz talks about the conception of a feature, in this case the Unknown Soldier in STAR SPANGLED WAR STORIES.

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