Continuing on with our look at the first issue of DC/National Periodical Publications’ in0house fanzine, THE AMAZING WORLD OF DC COMICS.

An introduction to the DC interns known as the “woodchucks” as well as the men who supervised them. Most of these individuals went on to have prominent careers in the field, notably Paul Levitz.

The centerspread features an unused cover for THE SHADOW by Michael Kaluta

A memorial for the late Bill Finger, reworked from a Neal Adams SUPERMAN cover.

We’ll look at more of THE AMAZING WORLD OF DC COMICS at a future date.

3 thoughts on “THE AMAZING WORLD OF DC COMICS #1, Part 2

  1. That Sol Harrison interview was pretty fascinating.

    Sadly, in the Artist’s Nightmare cartoon, that “Sergio” guy can’t draw a likeness of Gil Kane to save his life. Ah well, he’s probably got other strengths,


  2. I liked @ least a few stories by E. Nelson Bridwell. Or my foggy memory has good associations with his name, maybe as editor, but I was sure I’ve read comics he wrote. Bob Rozakis wrote several comics, & was “The Anwer Man” in the “Direct Currents” hype page. Tom’s “reader questions” remind me of Rozakis’ column. Carl Gafford I think I remembered credited as a colorist on a lot of books. Steve Mitchell was also an inker, who’s work I liked over several pencillers. I thought of him as a student in that Giordano style. Not as bold as either Klaus or Dick, himself. A little looser. I think he inked some of Luke McDonnell’s “Iron Man” issues. And inked some of Norm Breyfogle’s Bat-comics. Steve was about as underrated as the cleaner, lighter style of Bob Smith, who also inked a lot of stuff for decades.

    Bill Finger’s death. Big history there. ’39 (Batman) to ’74, 35 years is a chunk of time. Momentous world change in those years. And then I look back 35 years to the 80’s, especially comics from then, & it feels closer. Sad story, Bill’s. His prestige & accolades came far, far too late.

    And even a little Kaluta art is way better than no Kaulta art at all.


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