This was another issue of SUPERMAN'S GIRL FRIEND LOIS LANE that I got in my Windfall Comics purchase of 1988 and for which I paid 33 cents--more than three times the original cover price! This was another good example of where the series was at this time--it's worth keeping in mind that all of the … Continue reading WC: SUPERMAN’S GIRL FRIEND LOIS LANE #28


This was the oldest issue of WORLD'S FINEST COMICS that I got in among my Windfall Comics purchase of 1988. The title was another one that serious collectors didn't much bother with for the most part, so back issues were both plentiful and relatively affordable. There were a few issues of WORLD'S FINEST in the … Continue reading WC: WORLD’S FINEST COMICS #140

The First Book-Length Superman Adventure

A short while back, we covered an issue of SUPERMAN that I had purchased in 1988 as a part of my big Windfall Comics buy. That issue featured a single full-length Superman adventure rather than the usual three shorter stories that the title typically ran. (That story was broken up into three discrete chapters so … Continue reading The First Book-Length Superman Adventure


There was no question for the first bunch of years after it launched that PETER PARKER, THE SPECTACULAR SPIDER-MAN was, at best, a secondary title. While it contained adventures of the popular wall-crawler, it wasn't the book that was driving the character's narrative. At best, it was operating around the fringes, and at worst it … Continue reading BHOC: PETER PARKER, THE SPECTACULAR SPIDER-MAN #20

REAL FACT COMICS #5 and the True Story of Batman and Robin

I promised Jerry Ordway that I would do a piece on this particular story, and given that Batman Day was this weekend, it seems like a fitting moment to revisit this story. REAL FACT COMICS was a post-war innovation on the part of DC Comics. It was part of a small but widely-spoken-of effort to … Continue reading REAL FACT COMICS #5 and the True Story of Batman and Robin


It must be said that in the early 1960s, BATMAN was a weird comic book. The Caped Crusader was still popular, he was holding down regular positions in not only his self-titled series but also in DETECTIVE COMICS and WORLD'S FINEST (and occasionally appearing in JUSTICE LEAGUE OF AMERICA whenever his editor Jack Schiff's back … Continue reading WC: BATMAN #146

TBTV: The Cruelty of “Through the Wringer”

https://youtu.be/KivjcPGaKXQ A video expansion on our piece about "Through the Wringer", a story produced at the expense of Batman co-creator Bill Finger right around the time that the man passed away. ADDITION: Turns out that like so many, I grabbed a wrong bit of reference right towards teh end of this video. So please refer … Continue reading TBTV: The Cruelty of “Through the Wringer”


I bought this issue of DETECTIVE COMICS during that same first visit to Bush's Hobbies, and I bought it for the same reason: it was old. I believe it was likely the oldest copy of DETECTIVE in the actual boxes (though I wouldn't be surprised if some earlier issues were either on the wall or … Continue reading BHOC: DETECTIVE COMICS #287