The First Marvel Spider Man Story

Well, not really. But that hasn’t stopped some dealers from selling this issue as a “prototype” to Marvel’s more famous web-slinger. And because of that, there’s a bit more interest in this one throw-away one-off fantasy story than pretty much anything else that was put out by Marvel (known as Atlas) that month. So all right, let’s take a look at it.

It’s only four pages long, and its author is unknown. The artwork was produced by Ed Winiarski, an artist who did a lot of work for Atlas and other companies in the late 1940s and 1950s. It’s about a crazy almost Vulture-like scientist who tries to breed an army of giant spiders that he can use in conquest. So it has absolutely nothing to do with Peter Parker, super heroes, anything even remotely connected to the character to come.

Boy, this is an incredibly dumb ending. But I guess not all of these stories can be great, or even good. But, hey, prototype!

2 thoughts on “The First Marvel Spider Man Story

  1. Just suggest to Dan or Zeb that the next time they flash back to Spider-Man’s origin, they throw in a reference to “the Kravadka process.”

    Presto, prototype!


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