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An entry from my old Marvel blog concerning Peter Parker unmasking himself to his fellow Avengers following the events of “One More Day”

Life Behind The Mask

April 9, 2009 | 1:00 AM | By Tom_Brevoort | In General

I should never be surprised by how certain readers react to some of the stories we publish, but I always am. I underestimate, or forget, the desire to ascribe Machiavellian motive to our actions, and the way the readers sometimes react to their favorite creators as though they were the characters—wanting to classify them each as White Hats or Black Hats depending on their own particular take on their work. I did it too, back when I was still only a reader and young and foolish and thought I knew more than I really did.

But seriously, folks, do any of you really believe that Brian Bendis unilaterally decided to have Spider-Man unmask himself to his fellow New Avengers without talking to anybody else about it?

I’m the editor of NEW AVENGERS. And I’m the editor who oversees AMAZING SPIDER-MAN. So right there, there’s an automatic level of coordination. Beyond that, this was all discussed at one of our Editorial Retreats—directly between Brian, myself, Steve Wacker and Dan Slott who was also in attendance. And the information was thereafter relayed to the rest of the ASM web-head braintrust.

So no, this wasn’t Brian somehow flipping the bird to the Spidey guys. It wasn’t an editorial commentary on “One More Day” or the thrice-monthly ASM. And it wasn’t some stealth operation that was snuck onto the racks without anybody knowing about it. Just think about it for two seconds—really, how likely is that? Really?

Also, since we’re talking about it, Peter revealing his face to the Avengers doesn’t negate the reason for “One More Day” or the choices he made therein. Spidey needed his identity erased from the minds of the world, but he was always comfortable with those heroes closest to him knowing about it—whether those people were Daredevil or the Black Cat or whomever. Showing Luke Cage his real face isn’t the same thing as showing it to everybody the world, after all. THAT’S the part he needed a take-back on.

More later.

Tom B

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