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An entry from my old Marvel blog about Stan Lee friending me on Facebook back in the day. I believe the collection of Stan’s Soapbox columns is still available through the Hero Initiative and can be ordered here:

My Friend Stan

November 21, 2008 | 1:00 AM | By Tom_Brevoort | In General

A crazy thing happened to me the other day.

I was checking in at my Facebook page (Yes, I have a Facebook page. Shut up.), making my way through the friend requests that had stacked up since the last time I was over there. And I came to one and stopped short.

Stan Lee.

Stan Lee wanted to be my friend.

This wasn’t me reaching out to Stan, or to POW! Entertainment. This was The Man, coming to my virtual doorstep, extending his hand in friendship.

There is still something strange and wonderful about the fact that Stan Lee knows who I am. I remember how much it startled me the first time I bumped into him at a convention panel and he immediately greeted my by name, though we hadn’t seen one another in months, and even then hadn’t spent a lot of time in each others’ presence.

This is not the real world. In the real world, Stan Lee should not know who I am.

Anyway, this all gives me an excuse to mention a little tome Jim McLaughlin and the good people at the Hero Initiative have just released. It’s a collection of all of Stan’s Soapbox columns from the ‘60s, ‘70s and ‘80s, back in the days when Stan WAS Marvel Comics, and when he set the standard for interacting with the audience and raising the bar on what a comic book could be. It’s also chock-a-block full of background information on the era, so a reader can better understand the context of what Stan is talking about (outside of promoting Marvel titles, something we can all understand.) It also contains a bevy of guest essays from prominent members of the creative community, talking about their favorite Soapboxes and how Stan’s musings impacted on them. It’s a really nice compendium, and the best part is that the proceeds help to fund the Hero Initiative’s ongoing mission to help comic creators who’ve fallen on hard times. It’s well worth a look.

Do you think Stan would like to play a game of Word Twist?

More later.

Tom B

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