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A post from my old Marvel blog describing a lunch I was a part of attended by the winner of a Hero Initiative contest. I no longer have the picture I speak of in the write-up, though.

Lunch of Heroes

December 12, 2008 | 1:00 AM | By Tom_Brevoort | In General

Had a nice lunch yesterday on behalf of the Hero Initiative with Klaus Janson, Greg Pak, Mark Paniccia, the impressively-named Tony Tower of the Hero Initiative, and the winner of Hero’s “Lunch With Hulk” ebay auction. Top bidder Scott Fried donated $520.00 to this most worthy of charities for the opportunity to sit and dish with the likes of us. We wound up talking about a bunch of things, including the future of the comics industry (digital media), Rob Liefeld (who was himself in town yesterday for a signing, and visited our hallowed halls), the “golden ratio” and Civil War. And I showed off my new iPhone (on which I snapped the picture of Scott to the left) a lot.

Scott himself was an interesting guy with an interesting pedigree. He’s only been reading comics for about two years at this point, having started at the ripe old age of 22! And what drew him in was the Spider-Man unmasking in CIVIL WAR. Now, he reads a boatload of titles every month, and has aspirations of breaking into the business himself some day. (He presently writes and edits copy on the web.)

In addition to a decent meal, Scott also received a hardcover copy of Hero’s new book collecting the images of all 100 HULK covers that assorted artists contributed to the charity—including two from myself. And Klaus drew him a personalized additional Hulk head on the spot.

Overall, I figure we provided $470.00, maybe $480.00 worth of entertainment. But if Scott thinks he’s getting a refund for the other forty bucks, he’s going to have to take it up with Hero head-man Jim McLauchlin—who’s no doubt spent it all on beer and pretzels for some deserving artist-in-need out there.

More later.

Tom B

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