Comics Creators in the Wild 10

It’s more of the same, additional vintage photographs of the people who worked on the comic books of yesteryear during those earlier halcyon days! As usual, there’s an awful lot of Stan Lee.

Stan Lee promotional photo, circa 1980
Assorted Marvel and DC creators, including Joe Orlando, Paul Levitz, Don McGregor, , Jenette Kahn, Stan Lee, Mike Grell, Len Wein, Paul Kupperberg and Marty Pasko. Late 1970s.
Jack Kirby at home, mid-1970s
Stan Lee promotional photo, 1975
Jack Kirby at home, Mid-1970s.
Martin Goodman at work, 1940s
Len Wein, Don Mcgregor, Marie Severin, Marv Wolfman. Publicity photo for Crazy Magazine, circa 1974
Stan Lee and Larry Lieber, circa 1968
Bob Kane and Joe Shuster, promotional tour photo, 1944
Vince Colletta and Stan Lee, 1964
Stan Lee, photo for the cover of Writer’s Digest, 1947
Stan Lee and John Romita, publicity photo, 1978
Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster, circa 1942
Flo Steinberg, 1973 on left, circa 1967 on right
Stan Lee and Jim Galton at the White House with friends, 1979
Stan Lee and Joan Lee at the Mighty Marvel Convention, 1976
Stan Lee, Marvel offices, 1972
Stan Lee and Jack Kirby at left, At the Cartoonist Society, 1966
Joe Shuster, 1941
Jim Steranko, convention photo circa 1971

5 thoughts on “Comics Creators in the Wild 10

  1. It’s so rare to see photographs of the pre-toupee, no facial hair, version of Stan Lee. The timing doesn’t exactly work for this, but it’s almost like there are very different Golden Age and Silver Age character designs for “Stan Lee”. It’s reminiscent of the early Batman change from the original “fat Alfred” updating to “skinny Alfred”.

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