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A post from my Marvel blog of long ago in which I lay out some of the timeline of events revealed in SECRET INVASION.


July 18, 2008 | 1:00 AM | By Tom_Brevoort | In General

No matter how long I’ve been doing this job, I still can’t seem to predict what things are going to bother or upset the fans.

Case in point: there was a lot of chatter a couple of weeks ago about a seeming discontinuity between NEW AVENGERS #42 and MIGHTY AVENGERS #15, both of which shipped on the same day. There was a timing element concerning Hank Pym seemingly being in two places at around the same time that bothered a number of fans, but once the idea of it spread onto the internet, it seemed like a number of other fans jumped onto the bandwagon, blowing the whole thing way out of proportion and seemingly not actually looking back into the printed books to see how everything could all fit together.

Believe it or not, the two sequences with Hank Pym do actually time out correctly. What some people seem to have missed is the passage of time within the first NEW AVENGERS story itself. That story takes place over what must be at the very least a number of days’ time, and it’s within those gaps that the scenes in NEW and MIGHTY fit.

I’ve actually been keeping a detailed timeline indicating where all of the events of SECRET INVASION fall. Here’s a portion of that timeline, covering the period in question:


Elektra Skrull takes over Hand, mentions Avengers are no more – MIGHTY #16
Nick Fury found by Contessa Skrull – MIGHTY #12
Nick Fury kills Contessa Skrull – MIGHTY #12
Nick Fury becomes aware of Skrull conspiracy – MIGHTY #12
Nick Fury warns Maria Hill on Helicarrier – MIGHTY #12
Nick Fury tells Spider-Woman about the Skrulls, not realizing she’s a Skrull – MIGHTY #12
Real Hank lectures at U of Oxford – MIGHTY #15
Real Hank and Jan separate – MIGHTY #15
Skrull Elektra hires Electro for Raft breakout – MIGHTY #16


Real Hank and Skrull “Gwen” canoodle, see news of press conference – MIGHTY #15
Hank replaced by Skrull “Gwen” – MIGHTY #15


Skrull Jessica and Skrull Hank discuss the Raft breakout and her joining New Avengers– NEW #42
Ka-Zar and Shanna discover Skrulls among SHIELD in Savage Land, including Contessa – NEW #41 – (This would be the 2nd Contessa Skrull)

So hopefully, this’ll give some people the answers they’re looking for. And on at least one of the other big seeming-conundrums vexing SECRET INVASION readers, the answer is coming in one of the books next month.

More later.

Tom B

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