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A post from my Marvel blog of fifteen years ago, this one running down some even older sales figures.

More Numbers

July 22, 2008 | 1:00 AM | By Tom_Brevoort | In General

Had a problem with the video I was going to put up today, so instead let’s look at some more vintage sales numbers.

This batch comes from a couple months later than the ones I posted yesterday, November 1998, and track a wider assortment of titles. By this point, the “Heroes Return” books had been running for about a year, and the Marvel Knights launch titles had begun to come out. The two Spider-Man books post so high here because this happened to have been the month where they relaunched with new #1 issues–typically, they were a little bit lower down the charts.

It’s a pretty good field of numbers, comparable to what we’re doing these days (and possibly just a hair better…)

1 Unc. X-Men 140111
2 X-Men 135585
3 Amazing Spidey 125871
4 Peter Parker 116545
5 Wolverine 106244
6 Avengers 101777
7 Daredevil 85668
8 Fantastic Four 84003
9 Capt. America 77267
10 Mutant X 76392
11 Avengers Forever 76189
12 Spidey Chapter One 75435
13 Webspinners 75338
14 Iron Man 72993
15 Thor 72757
16 Generation X 57623
17 Spider-Girl 56497
18 X-Force 56195
19 X-Men Liberators 53593
20 X-Man 52202
21 Iron Man/Cap Annual 51384
22 Thunderbolts 50570
23 Cable 50568
24 Cap Sentinel Of Liberty 50405
25 Inhumans 49301
26 Black Panther 49191
27 Cap/Citizen V Annual 48028
28 Punisher 47992
29 Hulk 47986
30 A-Next 46503
31 Slingers 46323
32 Deadpool 40226
33 J2 37416
34 Alpha Flight 36696
35 FF Fireworks 31632
36 Rampaging Hulk 28841
37 Heroes For Hire 27731
38 Warlock 21144
39 Union Jack 18787

More later.

Tom B

2 thoughts on “Blah Blah Blog – More Numbers

  1. Tom, After Marvel instituted royalties for sales of individual issues above 100,000 copies, did the company ever do away with it? If Marvel didn’t, then writers, artists, etc, must have started to see their income drop off significantly as the ’90s went on. As for today, surely no one receives royalties because every series sells below 100,000 (as far as I know). Thanks, PaulDayton, OH

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  2. Alan Davis was so friggin’ good. Another one of the few artists who’s versions of characters were uniquely their own, immediately recognizable as drawn by them, but yet simultaneously definitive to who the character is. That ain’t easy. The great Lee Weeks, who’s style is distinctively different from Alan Davis’s, is another example. Weird to say, but each artist could draw the FF, and I’d think, “THAT’S how they should look!” Lol Weeks manages that with just about every character he draws…


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