Rambling with Romita

This is another long-lost interview from the past, from the Spider-Man-themed fanzine THE WEB-SPINNER produced by Mike Appel. It was conducted in 1966, the year that its subject, John Romita, took over the artistic reins of AMAZING SPIDER-MAN, replacing teh feature’s departing co-creator, Steve Ditko. Once again, it’s an interesting insight into just what the people involved with making the comics thought and were thinking back during the heart of the Silver Age of comics.

8 thoughts on “Rambling with Romita

  1. The story of Ditko making Osborn the Goblin when Stan wanted Ned Leeds contradicts with the story I had always heard, which is that Ditko wanted the Goblin to be a stranger to Spider-Man, whereas Stan insisted on it being someone known to Peter. Obviously, there’s a whole lot of “he said, he said” going on here, but is there a general consensus on what happened with that story in particular?


      1. Good to know. Like I said, I had only heard the other story, so I’m glad to get the truth.


    1. As Ditko pointed out some years back, he’d already pulled the “unmask as nobody you’ve ever seen” twist with the Crime Master. It wouldn’t have made sense to pull that stunt again.


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