ESQUIRE Magazine, September 1st, 1966

As Marvel began to become more of a force within the industry at the height of the super hero fad of the 1960s, the firm began to get some formidable press. This well-remembered article ran in Esquire Magazine in the issue dated September 1st, 1966. It included original artwork created for this purpose by Jack Kirby and Joe Sinnott, and Marie Severin (doing some of her first artwork for Marvel. Supposedly, Martin Goodman saw these pages and asked editor Stan Lee why Marie wasn’t drawing a series for her, which led to her taking over the Hulk.)

The original artwork to this spread shows that while Kirby and Sinnott did most of it, there were other hands involved. Bill Everett was called upon to fix the Hulk’s face (he was drawing the strip at that moment) and somebody has done teh same with Captain America, possibly Gil Kane for the same reason. And the printed Spider-Man figure has additional adjustments made to it by John Romita, which appear to have been made on a stat of the art since they’re not present on this original.

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