Halloween Encounter With Dr. Strange and Plastic Man

Here’s another classic old newspaper story related to comic books, this one from the Burlington Free Press edition released on November 2, 1965 and concerning the famous (in the world of comic books) Rutland, Vermont annual Halloween parade which was every year filled with marchers in super hero costumes. The parade (and subsequent Halloween party) were the work of local fan Tom Fagan, a Batman enthusiast and writer who had pushed for a super hero theme. By 1965, this had already been going on for half a dozen years.

This account is noteworthy in that it’s both early (before the parade had been fictionalized in the pages of assorted comic books, though not before it had been mentioned on letters pages) and because of who is in attendance and interviewed. While he is never named here directly, “Plastic Man” in the account above is clearly writer and Marvel editor Roy Thomas, at this point relatively newly hired by Marvel after his short week-long stint as Mort Weisinger’s assistant editor at DC. From context clues, I would guess that Dr. Strange was likely Roy’s roommate of the time Dave Kaler, who did work for Charlton. (It could also possibly have been Denny O’Neil, but this doesn’t sound like O’Neil to me.)

ADDITIONAL: Roy Thomas confirms that Dr. Strange was Dave Kaler.

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