The Merry Marvel Messenger

The first and apparently only issue of the Mighty Marvel Messenger was published in the opening months of 1967–it’s announced on the Bullpen Bulletins page of Marvel titles cover-dated June 1967–and sent for free to all current members of the Merry Marvel Marching Society. It was a little four-page newsletter fanzine that gave some promotional details about upcoming stories as well as some behind-the-scenes insights into the creators working at Marvel.

2 thoughts on “The Merry Marvel Messenger

  1. Whew! If Stan didn’t write this pro-fanzine, someone imitated him precisely. Despite his personal belief that he did the creating and plotting of everything, there were two things he did better than anyone else since Walt Disney: Get the best work out of others and make a reader as hyper-excited as he seemed to be. I was always out of breath after reading any of his lettercols or “coming attractions.”

    He also managed to do one thing that Disney didn’t even attempt: He sold comics in an atmosphere of indifference and hostility towards comics and Marty Goodman in particular – and even though he had the world’s greatest creators of Ditko and Kirby, he reignited the superhero explosion.

    Except for their mail-order department. I never had any luck with Supermen of America, the MMMS, nor any comics mail-order anything until FOOM. I won’t blame Stan for that — maybe I can blame Mort Weisenger.


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