Forgotten Masterpiece: THE SPIRIT #30, Part Two

Continuing on with our survey of the “Spirit Jam”, the all-new story featuring Will Eisner’s celebrated golden age character produced Jam-style by a bevy of top cartoonists and comic book artists and writers of the era, under the auspices of publisher Denis Kitchen and associate editor Cat Yronwode.

Picking things up where we left off, frequent Marvel contributor Steve Leialoha scripted and penciled the next two pages. He also inked most of this page, with the exception of Panel 2, which was inked by Alan Weiss.

This page was entirely by Steve Leialoha.

The next two pages were written by DC mainstay writer Mike W. Barr and illustrated by Joe Staton.

A second page by Mike Barr and Joe Staton.

The next two pages were produced by a powerhouse team, especially at the time. These were scripted by Denny O’Neil, longtime writer and editor, penciled by a young Frank Miller, then in the midst of his DAREDEVIL renaissance, and inked by Terry Austin, who was just finishing up his stint with John Byrne on X-MEN.

Second page by O’Neil, Miller & Austin.

The next two page sequence was provided by the storied Archie Goodwin, one of the best-respected writers and editors in the industry. It was illustrated by Marshall Rogers, with an inking assist from George Pratt.

Another page by Goodwin, Rogers and Pratt.

Thereafter, Alan Weiss produced the next two pages on is own.

A second Alan Weiss page.

And the final two pages we’ll be looking at this time out were plotted in part by Sharon Rappaport, scripted by Cat Yronwode and illustrated by production man and artistic workhorse Alan Kupperberg.

Another page by Rappaport, Yronwode and Kupperberg.

That’s all for the “Spirit Jam” this time around!

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