Comics Creators in the Wild 3

It’s always good to roll with what works. So here are a bunch more vintage photographs of assorted comic book creators in years past.

Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster, promotional photo, 1940.
Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster (whose name is mispelled on that sign) at a promotional event for the premiere of the first Superman animated cartoon, 1941. That kid on the left is holding a copy of SUPERMAN #9.
Archie Goodwin and Jim Shooter, right around the time in 1978 when the latter took over the marvel EIC job from the former
Flo Steinberg in the Marvel offices, circa 1964
John and Virginia Romita in the Marvel offices, late 1970s
Not a person but an event: the entranceway to A Marvel-ous Evening with Stan Lee, Carnegie Hall, January 5th, 1972
Jack Kirby meets Paul and Linda McCartney (or vice versa). 1975.
Stan Lee at a party, mid-1970s.
Jim Shooter, Stan Lee and Al Milgrom, 1980.
Marvel founder Martin Goodman
Marie Severin at her desk in the Marvel Bullpen, 1975
Another shot of Marie Severin from that same shoot, 1975.
Stan Lee and John Romita in the latter’s office, promotional photo for the AMAZING SPIDER-MAN newspaper strip, 1978.
Jack Kirby at the drawing board, early 1980s.
Jack Kirby at home, in his studio. Mid-1980s.
John Romita promotional image, taken in his office, 1979.
An unbeatable combination, Jack Kirby and Joe Sinnott, 1972.
Denny O’Neil in Julie Schwartz’s office, 1969
Stan Lee and Roy Thomas in the Marvel offices, circa 1970
Stan Lee, writer! Circa 1966.

8 thoughts on “Comics Creators in the Wild 3

  1. Man, how tall is Jim Shooter? Before I saw the caption of him and Archie Goodwin standing next to each other, I thought “Who’s that with David Prowse?”


  2. I loved Marie Severin’s inking as a kid. I enjoyed Triimpe on Hulk but when Marie Severin inked him, it was amazing art!


      1. I checked a bibliography online and while Marie didn’t do a whole lot of Hulk issues she did draw some and inked a few more…


  3. On photo 8 (Stan Lee at a party), the guy on the right with a glass and a moustache is Greg, a very famous french cartoonist and writer, who, at that time, was editor of the famous weekly “Tintin Magazine”.


  4. Thanks for the 1972 date on the photo of Jack and Joe. For many years it’s been repeated that they first met in 1975, but it was indeed at Phil Seuling’s 1972 New York Comic Art Convention. I know because I was there.


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