Secrets Behind The Comics 3

More secrets revealed by Stan Lee in 1947!

Alan Sulman isn’t terribly well remembered these days. So it’s nice to have these names and caricatures. It’s also nice to see what a script looked like at Timely in 1947.

Stan helpfully provides empty panel layouts for the readers of this book.

Syd Shores was a powerhouse at Timely in the 1940s and 1950s. As Stan mentions, he was one of the principle artists on CAPTAIN AMERICA once Joe Simon and Jack Kirby left the firm. Years later, Lee would try to put Shores to work on CAPTAIN AMERICA again, inking over Jack Kirby, but the combination didn’t really work out, for reasons not entirely the fault of Shores.

We’ll continue with SECRETS BEHIND THE COMICS in the weeks ahead.

This is the issue of BLONDE PHANTOM in which this story saw print.

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