Great Covers – FLASH #189

Joe Kubert was one of the most talented cover artists of his time. Typically, though, his skills would primarily be put to use on the war and western comics that he usually drew throughout the Silver and Bronze Ages of Comics–where he perfected almost infinite variations on the “heroes exclaim that they’re out of danger while stepping right into danger” cover. But occasionally, he would be called upon to do covers for assorted super hero titles as well. This FLASH cover is one of his best from this time. It’s nakedly emotional, and the grabber for the audience is to crack open the book to learn why Barry Allen is giving up his role as the Flash–what could possibly have been so traumatic as to get him to do so. I also like that Kubert’s Kid Flash seems convincingly young here, not simply a shrunk-down adult as teen heroes so often are depicted. That enormous word balloon really completes the package, intensifying Barry’s outburst and serving to grab a prospective buyer from across the store even.

2 thoughts on “Great Covers – FLASH #189

  1. Joe Kubert wasnt just one of the best artists back whenever he possibly peaked- he remained better than many, maybe most, of the artists that came after him.

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