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April 28, 2007 | 1:00 AM | By Tom_Brevoort | In General

For a brief change of pace, let’s talk about positivity for a moment.

It could be that I just have rose-colored glasses on, but it really seems like there’s a lot of exciting stuff coming out of Marvel at the moment. I page through our Previews catalogue, and there really isn’t much that I’m not genuinely interested in.

This past weekend I read through all of the published chapters of the Messiah CompleX crossover in the X-MEN titles, and really enjoyed it. It felt like a classic old X-Men crossover, in a good way. And I’ve heard a lot of the plans for what’s coming up in X-land over the next few months (never mention the name Cable in front of Axel Alonso. He’ll immediately break into a long rap about the upcoming series, how the story works, and what’s cool about it–it’s clearly got him jazzed.) all of which is also pretty intriguing.

I also really enjoyed HULK #1. I thought it set up a number of cool mysteries, moved at a decent clip without being empty calories, and the artwork was terrific. And THOR remains an excellent series as well.

DAREDEVIL could really have taken a qualitative hit with the departure of Bendis and Maleev, but Brubaker and Lark have kept that series humming along without missing a beat. Similarly, ULTIMATE SPIDER-MAN survived what could have been a crippling departure by much-missed Mark Bagley to find new energy under Stuart Immonen.

And this is all largely excluding my little corner of the world, where there are a bunch of books in the pipeline that I think are going to be fabulous. Millar and Hitch’s FANTASTIC FOUR, Bendis and Yu’s SECRET INVASION, some big new plans concerning Iron Man, the new Captain America, and the back-to-the-future thrice-monthly AMAZING SPIDER-MAN.

I’m also genuinely happy that we realize that not every comic book is for every reader, and that we’re still willing to experiment with stuff like Jonathan Lethem’s OMEGA THE UNKNOWN, the Tan Eng Huat SILVER SURFER, or the bilingual FANTASTIC FOUR: ISLA DE LA MUERTE.

Not to mention the positive explosion of classic material that’s being collected on a regular basis. I love our big, oversided Omnibus editions, both the ones devoted to the early days of Spidey and the FF and the newer ones collecting stuff like Brubaker and Epting’s CAPTAIN AMERICA. I also dig our oversized hardcovers, and keep paying out of pocket to upgrade my own copies when issues of NEW AVENGERS and the like are eventually collected in this format. And I have enough Essential editions and classic-material trade paperbacks stacked up waiting to be read (or re-read in the cases of material I bought when it first came out) to hold back a flood.

Look, there are always going to be people who don’t like some or all of what we’re doing, and we can always be doing something better and striving to improve. But I have to say, from where I’m sitting, we’ve got an extremely strong line of titles coming out at the moment, with a little something for everybody. And if I was working for the competition, I’d be sweating just a little bit at this point.

As always, your mileage may vary.

More later.

Tom B

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