Ann Nocenti at the editor’s desk in the 1980s.

As I mentioned over Social Media earlier today, I have a notion to play another round of the Editorial Simulation game that I ran twice over on my old Marvel blog years ago. In this simulation, players take on the role of editors at a fictitious version of Marvel and then deal with the sorts of challenges that actual in-the-trenches line editors would face in the real world. I’m imagining that this new version of the Simulation would be a bit more complicated, with players working at different, competing companies, so it would be a bit more complex than the original ones–and more time-consuming on my part. But, hey, we’re all mostly still trapped inside due to the COIVD lockdown anyway, so time is a commodity that I seem to have.

As opposed to the original Simulations, which played out daily over a period of about two weeks, this one would by necessity have to have longer stretches of time in-between moves. I’d imagine that each session/move would happen weekly, and that the entire Simulation would take around three months to play through. So right there, that’s requirement one for potential participants: we need them to be people who can commit to being a part of this process for literally months of time, even though the actual number of hours each week when you’d need to be thinking about it would be minimal. Admittedly, one of the things that made the original Simulations work so well was the fact that they were playing out daily, but I just don’t think I have the time to do all of that additional work atop my regular job. That doesn’t mean, however, that I might not throw out some curveballs during the week if they occur to me and I have the time.

Anyway, I’m thinking that I need perhaps five players total for the structure that I have in mind. All moves will be played out and posted here, on this site on a weekly basis. There is nothing at stake other than the opportunity to get some insight into the process as to how things operate editorially within the industry. So if you are somebody who would like to participate, please leave a message in the comments section saying so and also giving me an e-mail address where you can be easily contacted. My hope is that during this week we can get the players selected and the scenario set up, so that the initial session can begin next Saturday.

UPDATE: We are closing submissions at this time as we ought to have enough participants to play. Players will be notified shortly.

37 thoughts on “EDITORIAL SIMULATION: Call For Participants

  1. Judging by who has already replied, I’m assuming industry professionals—and former industry pros—are not disqualified?


  2. I am definitely interested. I’m your Tweets you mentioned that there was some “background” you feel you are lacking to make this successful. If I can possibly be of assistance email me and we can discuss. mperlman1@gmail.com


  3. Hi Tom-

    I would love to participate in this. It was a dream of mine to edit and/or write comics, so to get some insight into the process would truly be a blast.



  4. This would totally turn around my 2020! It would be an honor to join and participate Mr. Brevoort! Let me know if brining candy / junk food from Asia is a requirement:)


  5. Hi Tom!
    I realise all the slots are filled, but I’d like to throw my name in if you decide to do another one. Will be keeping an eye out for how it all goes.


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