The Last Daredevil Story

DAREDEVIL was one of the more popular series that ran in the Golden Age of Comics. It started out as a typical super hero title, but took on a different flavor with the introduction of the Little Wise Guys in issue #13. The Wise Guys were a group of young kids who would help Daredevil out, and they became so popular (and were so much more interesting to writer Charles Biro) that eventually, as tastes changed, they succeeded in pushing Daredevil himself right out of the strip. The last consecutive issue that the boomerang-throwing hero was a part of was #69, but the character came back for a final two-issue bow in late 1951, in DAREDEVIL #79 & 80. So here is the final Golden Age appearance of the character.

Writer Charles Biro was sort of the quasi-Stan Lee of his day. He would typically directly address his readers on the opening splash page of his stories, and he ran a regular letters page as well to get feedback from them. Artwork for this last Daredevil story is by Hy Mankin, who was likewise permitted to sign his work.

Daredevil had enlisted in the Air Force, which is why he was leaving his old life and his costumed identity behind.

Sadly, Daredevil spends pretty much all of this story standing around and watching the Wise Guys carry the action. It’s a bit of a comedown for the once-great crusader.

DAREDEVIL would run another 55 issues starring the Little Wise Guys before eventually throwing in the towel with #134 in 1956.

One thought on “The Last Daredevil Story

  1. Hy Mankin also worked in animation, which led to him owning a company that made and sold the vinyl cel paint that every studio (but Disney, who made its own) bought. Norman Maurer, who followed him on “The Little Wise Guys:”, also transferred from comic books to animation…and back again!


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