WAP #1 – Words And Pictures

In 1988, creators Steve Gerber, Frank Miller and Steven Grant created the newsletter WAP – Words And Pictures. Supported by like-minded creators in the field, WAP was sort of the Bleeding Cool of its day, giving sensationalized accounts of grievances or bad behavior within the filed, typically on the side of the various publishers. As an anonymous vehicle, WAP wanted to be an agent of change by shaming those involved without naming them . It lasted for only 8 installments before paying work and flagging interest among the participants caused it to fold. But it’s an incredible historical resource for the era (especially if you can decode just who and what it is talking about.)

3 thoughts on “WAP #1 – Words And Pictures

  1. Yes, I remember it well. It abruptly ceased publishing and people who had subscriptions never received any refunds and the publishers got annoyed if you asked. So much for their high and mighty platform.


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