I’ve been brainstorming some new features and pieces that I want to write for this new space, and here’s where I roll out the introduction for the fist one. I saw some other site do something similar to this in my travels (though, sadly, I didn’t take note of exactly which site so that I could give them proper credit.) But inspired by their piece, I went back through all of the years that I was a comic book reader exclusively to select the Five Best Comics that I thought came out during that year.

Now, these are going to be very subjective lists. While I was definitely weighting import to the industry as a whole, that was always balanced against what I myself found the most memorable and enjoyable. I know that there are some picks that are likely to confuse or even anger some folks. But that’s as it should be, these kinds of features ought to introduce people to material that they didn’t know about and also invite some discussion and dissent.

In any event, we’ll be starting at some point in the coming few days with the first year, 1973, and then proceeding irregularly from then on.

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