April, 1996

SPIDER-BOY #1 is my vote for the best single issue of any book I’ve ever worked on. It realized its potential and then some. For those who don’t know, the Amalgam books were a one-week event in which the Marvel and DC Universes were merged into a combined Amalgam Universe–a result of the Marvel Vs. DC storyline, then running.

Nobody understood how to get the most mileage out of the amalgam concept like Karl Kesel. He really went to town in combining the component parts of the Marvel and DC cosmologies to create combinations that resonated on two, three, even four or more levels. SPIDER-BOY #1 was first offered to Humberto Ramos to draw, at the insistence of the then-Spider-Man editor. We were actually glad he turned it down–no slight to Humberto, but Karl and I really wanted Mike Wieringo to do the artwork, and Mike went beyond out expectations when he signed on.

The fake letters page was written by me, which explains why all of the letters were written by obscure characters from the Dick Van Dyke Show.

2014 Note: With no slight intended to SPIDER-BOY #1, I have since edited better single issues.

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