December, 1994

FANTASTIC FOUR UNLIMITED #8 represents the one and only time I had the opportunity to write a Fantastic Four story, and it remains a highlight of my career. I can’t be completely objective about how the final product turned out, but I was very pleased with the results. Artists Dante Bastianoni and Ralph Cabrera did a great job on the visuals–better, I thought, than what was appearing in the regular book at this point. 

The fact that there were 40 pages to fill allowed co-author Mike Kanterovich and myself sufficient elbow room to permit the story to breathe. And I found that, after having read thousands of pages of the FF over the years, that the characters provided their own dialogue. Never has a script come easier (with the exception of a single page, which I’m still unsatisfied with today. But you can find that one yourselves.)

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