February, 1987

I’d liked OPEN SEASON from the start, but this third issue was really where it started to fulfill its potential. Another character comedy, this one set in California, OPEN SEASON ultimately had a sensitive heart at its core. 

Cartoonist Jim Bricker offered to reply to anybody who sent him a letter, and so I started a lengthy correspondence with him. OPEN SEASON went through a rocky existence, being published infrequently and hopping to Slave Labor when Renegade folded up its tent. It was never much of a money-making endeavor. In the end, the series was cancelled, and a wake was held at a west coast comic shop. I made it a point to call the store during the wake, and “telecommute” to the event.

Bricker later adapted OPEN SEASON into a play. Unfortunately, I was on the wrong coast, so I never got to see it performed.

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