I had first encountered the work of Larry Houston in CHARLTON BULLSEYE #4, where he’d both written and drawn the adventures of the Vanguards, a trio of intergalactic heroines. So I was quite delighted when I happened across two issues of his earlier ENFORCERS in the back-issue bins of Xanadu Comics in Delaware around 1983–particularly since I didn’t even know the books existed.

THE ENFORCERS was about the exploits of an Avengers-like team of super heroes. What I found most appealing about it (and about the earlier Vanguards story) was that it successfully captured some of the spirit and flavor of the 60s Marvel books, at a time when the contemporary Marvel product was feeling formulaic and contrived to me. These two issues packed a lot–some might say too much–into their pages, but they had the right mindset, and that made all the difference.

Larry went on to work in animation in a big way, on series like G.I.JOE. He also worked on the original X-MEN television pilot “Pryde of the X-Men.”

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