I was still looking for a copy of ORIGINS OF MARVEL COMICS when this little paperback came out from Pocket Books, part of a new line which would reprint the earliest stories of the various Marvel properties that were now on television. It collected the first 6 issues of FF, and I remember having to beg my father to let me use the money that had been set aside for ORIGINS to buy this book–he was trying to teach the importance of saving money, whereas I had to impress upon him that this book contained the same story I had lusted after in ORIGINS.

Not much more to say, other than my copy is well-worn from frequent rereading. I wonder how many of today’s readers truly appreciate series like the MARVEL MASTERWORKS and the DC ARCHIVES? Back in the 70s, we had only a few book collections of early comics, so the possibility of reading the earliest stories in chronological order was virtually an impossibility, unless one was fabulously wealthy

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