Great Covers – USA COMICS #7

Another crowded and overwhelming Alex Schomburg masterpiece, this cover to USA COMICS is typical of his output for Timely Comics. The figures of Cap and Bucky are large, ridiculously so in proportion to the other elements of the piece. But it works–even if it does look like Bucky is shooting down a toy plane with … Continue reading Great Covers – USA COMICS #7

Great Covers – USA COMICS #13

Another ridiculously over-detailed (and fundamentally racist) cover from the WWII era by Alex Schomburg, this one for USA COMICS. There’s almost too much going on here, though it all promises thrills aplenty within the pages. My favorite detail, apart from Bucky gunning down Japanese soldiers like a fiend, is the fact that Cap can’t be … Continue reading Great Covers – USA COMICS #13